For starters – PES or FIFA?

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Hello people!

How are you all? Fine and dandy I hope. My name is Osama Abbasi. I hope to pop in here from time to time to post my articles and hope to keep the discussions hot. In case you’re wondering which team I support, it’s Arsenal! And my fave player is Santi Cazorla. Anyway moving on I will be discussing everything PES and FIFA. The main purpose of this article is to get you guys involved using the comments section with your thoughts and opinions, which really matter to me. So please do take time to post a comment.

Alright what I want to discuss with you guys is a fairly simple one, do you prefer PES or FIFA, and why? It’s important to know why because you probably love something about a game and hate something about the other. Which game do you prefer to play and think is better? And which game needs improving + what’s the reason? Let me just post my thoughts on the topic and then you guys can tell me what you think. So maybe in the end we can pick out common cons and pros. Just for fun my favorite FIFA was FIFA10, and favorite PES was PES2012.

In case you’re wondering which one I prefer, none! That doesn’t mean I don’t play, just means I play both of them (I am unique right?). I mean yeah you see people and they are either PES or FIFA, very rarely do you find those who play both. And that’s okay cause they have a rivalry so you want to support one and not the other. Nothing wrong with that, everyone does it. But I play both of them in periods, for example for 2 weeks I’m totally addicted to FIFA and the next week I’m addicted to PES. So let me compile a bit of reasons for them on why one might be better and might not.

ea-sports-fifaWhy it’s better: The biggest advantage fifa has over PES is that it has a lot of licenses, including the major one (Premier League). That counts for a lot more than you think. Many people want to see their team in their proper kits and stadiums to get that thrill. So game play might be second in terms of importance.

In my view fifa has a better online mode than PES. More career mode options than PES, and transfer dealings have been made better. Fifa also has better commentary. The training and skill drills in Fifa are really exciting and fun to do, more options while taking free kicks and corners etc. The way stamina of a player drops throughout the game is very realistic along with injuries and when a player pulls a muscle (though when it happens every time it becomes annoying).

Why it’s not: In recent times the game has changed a little, and maybe for the worse I think. They have slowed down the game a bit too much, when Walcott can never run past Evra, that tells you something. To add to that, whats up with the control thing? I mean Messi miss controlling the ball and it goes out for a throw in, it’s suppose to be sort of realistic right? I mean sure he can miss control it but not every time and certainly not to that extent. I also feel that FIFA can improve their shooting. I mean it is as if the goalkeeper is invincible and can’t be beaten which is far from real. They do save almost every near post shot which is hardly ever the case in reality. They could also improve the direction of the shot, whenever I try I can’t seem to place it right in the corner.

I also feel that FIFA don’t rate players properly, I mean Ramsey is rated 77 (what the hell?) Giroud is 80 (Same as last year even though he improved) and Falcao directly goes to 89?Something is not right about that. When a player breaks his leg, he’s apparently walking off! I think they really need to add a stretcher.

No champions  league.

PES-2012-logo-unglorious-gamerzWhy it’s better: If I had to choose between the game play I would favor PES slightly, it kinda feels more realistic. Through balls are much better and shooting feels realistic. Konami gives the option to install patches / Option Files to their customers for kits, which is really supportive. This might not mean much but I really like the celebrations in PES, they feel good with the whole team celebrating where as in FIFA there are only 2 and the rest of the team are fist pumping in repeat a few yards back. PES has a great player creation/customization system. Realistic player and team ratings. Some player faces and abilities are nailed on.

Of course PES has the Champions League (and Europa too) which nearly everyone wants to play in, so it is a big factor.

Why it’s not: As mentioned before, PES doesn’t have most of the licenses which is why many overlook it. Of course you could install an OF in the game (which are amazing) but most people are lazy and don’t want to do it. Always feel the tackling can be improved. Career mode (ML) can be improved. A player hardly gets injured. Officiating can be further improved. Less leagues than fifa, hence less teams. Some player faces and abilities are absolutely wrong.

Here you go, there are a few points on both of them, but you can’t really say which is better for sure because they cancel out each other in certain aspects. Of course you might think differently about it and that’s why I ask you again to leave a comment about the topic. Also I hope that no one takes offense at anything I say, I’m just trying to draw conclusions, not make anyone angry. Let me know if you agree with me or think any of those points are wrong.

So there you go that was my first article and I hope you liked it. Hope to keep this going and continue next time I write. Take care people!

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