PES 2019 – The good & the bad

Straight in

Been Nearly 11 months since the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. It’s had its ups and downs. So going to make a quick Pros and Cons list, personal opinion off course. So let me know what your likes and dislikes are on the comments below or via Twitter.


  • General Game-play, passing and first touch / shots feel soo much more better than FIFA19. The touch in FIFA is horrendous. The link up play connects much better, I get a more satisfying sensation of scoring a well thought out pass and move goal compared to a belter from outside the box
  • Player Likeness, even though individuality imo went down a bit from previous iterations, Konami are still kings at getting individual player likenesses on point.
  • Wide cam graphics. Remember those days where we used to constantly complain about the wide cam being awful and not sharp. Well those days are over, as the game looks gorgeous on a 4K HDR TV
  • My Club, even though I did not play much of it, the modes matured quite well from when it started.
  • Kits, graphically look top notch. Even the custom made ones from our community of Editors
  • EDIT MODE. Will forever reign supreme, this mode alone produces better kits and likeness to FIFA’s official ones; that speaks volumes. Konami have always nailed that. Just more slots and a bit more detail needed for coming years. (Cloud sharing will be the way forward!)
  • Updates. Konami have improved year on year with updates and keeping the game fresh with DLCs. Can’t fault them on that, gone are the days where we wait till march for Winter transfers


  • UI. I’ve been a massive critic towards Konami’s half arsed efforts on the User interface. Every year it just gets an updated lick of paint, with a change here and there. However the core back bone remains exactly the same. As soon as you’re greeted with the slow loading screen that loads multiple things separately and then you see the message dialogue. From the get go you can see that the core UI has remained unchanged. UI is not all about looks; it’s the transitions, the font, the animation etc. Best way of showing it would be to see and use an old version of the Android operating system and compare it with the new, likewise with Windows 7 to Wndows 10. It’s not just the paint and look that changes, it’s the whole mechanic and system that gets overhauled and updated. Ended up writing a lot for this, shows how much it annoys me. So please strip it all off and make a brand new interface from scratch. PS, My clubs interface is decent
  • Master League. The holy grail of PES. The mode that gives all other modes a run for their money. Imagine neglecting your biggest player, that’s what Konami have done. Apparently fixed for PES 2020, thank God for that! And even though I’ve put this down as a Con, it is still what I play 95% of the time. Endless hours. So please Konami, keep on improving this mode! (insert pleading GIF)
  • Close up graphics and animations at times still looks a bit robotic, PES still has a problem with transitions. It’s gotten WAY better than it used to be after Fox Engine got introduced. But they still have a bit to go, this won’t be getting overhauled next year, probably will see a major improvement come next gen (PS5/Xbox/Stadia). Side note, I really like FIFA 19s cinematic close up shots
  • AI, Artificial non’Inteligence. It’s actually gone backwards from previous years. The computer seems more basic, they did make it better with follow up updates tbf, but still did not match what we know they’re capable of.
  • Online. This is still a problem, slower play, defenders automatically missing balls that a 5 year old can intercept. And slow downs / cheats. I know it’s also a big problem in FIFA, but I’ve had smoother matches on that game (as long as EA’s awful servers don’t kick you out). Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than it used to be, but still not good enough

So there you have it, I probably have more Pros & Cons. But these are the ones that came to mind when writing this. Hopefully eFootball PES 2020 brings a ton of improvements.


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