An introduction to Ravi

Hey everyone.

My name is Ravi and I’ll be writing articles here on ProFifalution soon. Basically, I’ve been a PES fan since I played the first one in 2001 when I got my PS2, and I’ve been hooked since. Only missed playing three titles since then. Over the last year or two I’ve started to write stories and post news over on Neoseeker where I currently moderate the PES 2014 forum.

I’ll mainly be posting PES articles about the game, things I find while playing and if I can get my game capture to finally work, I’ll post some videos and images too! The PES community is one of the best gaming communities and I love being part of it and I want to develop it further as best as I can. Anyone who has read my stories over on Neo knows that I like to have the readers interacting within, so I’ll probably end up doing something similar here.

I have a few ideas on articles I want to write about and I’ll be writing them up in the near future. But if there’s a specific topic you would like me to talk about, please comment because it might spark an idea for me to write something. I’m really looking forward to these articles and I hope you are too.

Once more, thanks for taking the time to read. Next time there will be a proper article 👍

Follow Ravi on twitter @Parmar1993 & Neoseeker @PESNeo

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